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Canberra Residences has been sold out for a few years, but we still get enquiries from interested parties who like the concept of low-rise housing with condominium facilities. If you fall in the same category, why not go a step further, and considered cluster landed housing instead? We have a couple of these being released soon, the Belgravia Green launch, and the Parkwood Collection launch.

We will present the Belgravia Green launch here first, and follow up with a separate article on Parkwood Collection.

About the Belgravia Green Launch

Belgravia Villas Showflat by Developer for Belgravia Green Showflat
Belgravia Green sits at the fringe of the Seletar Hills estate, but is accessed from Belgravia Drive off Ang Mo Kio Avenue 5, a short drive from its exit off the CTE (Central Expressway). It is a mid-size 81-unit cluster housing developments, and is on freehold land, which is something of a rarity. That’s because most cluster housing developments, especially freehold ones, are typically from en-bloc sales of landed property, and so tend to be much smaller land parcels. Typically they would range around 10 units to perhaps 25.

Getting a unit on this much larger parcel of land offers several advantages. One of which is of course, you get a lot more land for communal facilities, so you can have a decent-sized pool and gym, clubhouse and outdoor dining pavilions, gardens and so on. The kids also have a lot more space to roam around safely in, without getting in the way of vehicles.

The other advantage is that there are more units to share the maintenance costs, and the pay for the guards and so on, so generally maintenance fees per unit are lower than for smaller cluster home projects. Because the beauty of cluster housing developments is that, while you get to enjoy the spaciousness and privacy of normal landed houses, you also have less maintenance hassles to worry about.

Most landed homeowners say that one of the biggest drawbacks of living in a typical landed home is having to maintain the garden and the building envelope. It gets rather tiring after a while. In the case of cluster housing like at Belgravia Green, all that is done for you. You still have to maintain the interior yourself of course, but that’s more than half the work taken care of.

The Belgravia Green floor plan layouts are really well designed too. Unlike the previous Belgravia Villas, the bedrooms here are bigger, especially the master bedroom that is almost twice the size here.

The Belgravia Green showflat could be opening for viewing appointments in late September or early October 2018. Do sign up if you would like to be kept updated on that, or to have the floor plans emailed to you.

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