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As mentioned in the above article, the other low-rise housing development that will be launching around the September / October 2018 timeframe, is the Parkwood Collection launch. Like Belgravia Green, this is a landed cluster development as well. So it shares several similarities, but differs in other aspects.


Like Belgravia Green, the Parkwood Collection launch is in the same general vicinity. Both are in roughly the same corner of Singapore, in the north-east region.

Parkwood Collection is also on a good sized parcel of land. In fact it numbers around 53 units, so it shares the same advantages of economies of scale in maintenance costs.

It also has a decent range of communal facilities and expanse of garden and landscaping. Because that is the main advantage of cluster housing over typical landed housing. That you enjoy landed living, and having a pool and gym and so on on your doorstep, without the hassle or costs of building and maintaining one for yourself.

Parkwood Collection LaunchThe Parkwood Collection Launch . Location


One main difference is that Parkwood Collection is a lot more conveniently located. It is situated at Realty Park Estate, which is within 10 minutes walk of Hougang Town Centre and MRT station. The town centre comes complete with a couple of Fairprice Supermarkets, and Hougang Mall, that houses shops and banks, and cafes and fast food joints, as well as neighbourhood shops. Most landed housing tend to be located deep within residential estates, and so don’t have that kind of convenience.

The other main difference is that it is on 99-year leasehold land, while Belgravia Green is freehold. This is actually not such a drawback as it might appear at first glance. That is because, for strata residential properties such as condominiums and cluster houses, the land is jointly owned. Which means that it can, as it ages, be eventually sold collectively in an en-bloc sale to a developer, so long as at least 80{a123bb6555f693614fc959ad4247842e934cf1a00bd5bc53f6c102fed28d40bd} of the residents agree.

And in such as case as this where the plot is close to amenities and an MRT station, the chances of that happening are good. So there is less need for concern over what happens when the lease runs down. Which is different for typical landed housing on 99 year leases, as these can’t be sold collectively unless 100{a123bb6555f693614fc959ad4247842e934cf1a00bd5bc53f6c102fed28d40bd} of the owners agree. Such a threshold is much harder to achieve.

So it all really comes down to what is more important to you. If you prefer freehold property and a more secluded ambience in a completely private residential estate, then go for Belgravia Green. Otherwise if convenience to amenities is more important, then consider the Parkwood Collection launch.

The Parkwood Collection showflat will be taking viewing appointments anytime soon. So just send us an email, if you are keen to view, and we will keep you posted, and send you the floor plans once they are finalised.

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